The Art of Evasion


GCHQ lies at the heart of Britain’s digital espionage and cyber security, but years of underfunding, matched by an unprecedented rise in multiple worldwide threats, result in the organisation relying upon the shoulders of its greenest apprentice.

Cailyn Pope flunked field training, ending up an analyst in a small IT unit within GCQH. Yet she’s the only operative available when someone is needed urgently in Bilbao to get close to the representative from Turkey’s Cyber Defence and Warfare Unit: a potential bridge between East and West. To many the Irish troubles are a distant memory, but Cailyn’s family background means she must always follow the guns. And that’s the back door to NATO’s enemies.

NATO, to its member states, is one of the greatest alliances of the past century, and appears impregnable, but cracks always follow complacency. Cailyn may be the key. But how hard can it be to catch her? To break her? And to turn her?


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